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Client Testimonials

At 400 Digital we pride ourselves on delivering premium website design and development services for our clients. We are transparent about every step of the process because we understand the importance of peace of mind.

Building a website and the array of features available is a daunting challenge to most business people who do not have media development expertise. So while I was continuing to work on my business Mr Bota was taking me through step by step in manageable portions. The site was delivered on time at the agreed cost and the completed result was as I expected. What more could you ask? If you need to know anything further, give me a call... Ken 0419 176211


An excellent service by 400 Digital I only have great things to say for what I have received during this partnership. Awesome Communication, attitude, authenticity, understanding and a clear cut vision of my design needs. Not only am I happy with the design, but I appreciate the connection that has been established. I highly recommend and I'm excited for future jobs. Thank you


Bottom line: I highly endorse the work of 400 Digital. Context: I am an author. My publishing house, Bloomsbury, told me I needed an author website for my first major release, "Un-American: A Soldier's Reckoning of our Longest War." Thinking I was relatively savvy, I bought a domain, found a decent DIY template, and then populated it with content. I muddled my way through it. In the end, it was adequate but not distinctive. The truth was: I wanted a website that did more than "Check the block." I wanted a website that would engage and inform prospective readers. I hired Mr Bota because of his portfolio and stellar reviews. But I found myself loving his work because of his professionalism, willingness to exceed expectations, quick turnaround time, and ability to take comments and feedback. Result: I've got a really good-looking website and I'm already getting good comments from people who visit the site. If you have a job that needs to be done right, done well, and done on time--look no further. Hire 400 Digital.


“I’ve dealt with many digital agencies in the past 10 years as a business owner, but never one that is so responsive, efficient and professional. 400 Digital’s team respond on time and on point to any brief, from the big picture down to the tiniest detail and their work has gone beyond our expectations. It’s a true pleasure to work with a professional able to listen, understand and work together to ensure satisfaction. Clearly an expert in the field. I could not fault Mr Bota’s work.”


Mr. Bota is more than a web designer, he is an extraordinary artist, a visionary and a consummate professional. He exceeded all my expectations from start to finish. He works around the clock and no question or request is too much. He wants his customers to be happy. If you want to stand out in today's market and make your business shine, Mr. Bota is your best choice. Down to the finest details, his work is both stunning and functional. Mr. Bota took it to a whole new level and now I feel as though the sky is the limit! I fully recommend Mr. Bota, without hesitation. He is simply the best.


I am one of those tricky clients who has in their mind exactly how they want their site to look & feel but doesn't know how to make it all happen, let alone articulate it. I honestly thought I was going to have to compromise on my expectations giving I was handing them over to someone else to construct my vision. I needn't had worried - 400 Digital Nailed it!! I couldn't be happier with the outcome and honestly the whole experience from communication to guidance and ultimately the end result was 5 star! Thank you again 400 Digital!!


Unbelievably dedicated and professional. Mr Bota is an operator who is out of this world. When he replied to my initial call out for help, I was skeptical because everyone says "Pick me, I will help you", but rarely do they deliver. Mr Bota has gone absolutely above and beyond what I expected and then some BRILLIANT service, dedication and commitment. I will now choose him each and every time for all my technical and creative works. THANK YOU for restoring my hope and faith with the confusing world of technology!!! THANK YOU!


I met Mr Bota through the marketplace, he contacted me quickly through my ad and although he is in Australia and I am in New Zealand the job was seamless. He kept communication up throughout it all, I never was left guessing. And he adapted to work with my limited tech skills which was greatly appreciated. I had a rough idea which he developed into a perfect architecture website for my business. It pays tribute to my company name/theme and covers everything my clients want to see. He laid out each page in a professional designers way, the website is very stylish. I can easily recommend using Sandro, the only thing that could be better is been able to buy him a drink to celebrate a job done very well! I am one happy client.


and many many more...

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